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Frozen shoulder is stiffness, pain, and a loss of motion in the shoulder joint. Frozen shoulder is additionally referred to as-as Adhesive Capsulitis. It’s going to happen when an associate in Nursing injury or overuse or from an illness like polygenic disease or a stroke. The tissues around the joint stiffen, connective tissue forms, and shoulder movements become troublesome and painful. Shoulder pain begins slowly till you cannot move your shoulder in the least. The condition sometimes comes on slowly, then goes away slowly over the course of a year or 2 or a lot of. But are often alleviated a lot of early (within three to six months) with medical aid treatment. Frozen shoulder happens in concerning two of the overall population. It most typically affects folks between the ages of forty and sixty and happens in girls a lot of usually than men. Movement of the shoulder is severely restricted. Pain is typically constant, worse in the hours of darkness once the weather is colder. This condition will last from 5 months to a few years or a lot of and is believed in some cases to be caused by injury or trauma to the realm. It’s believed that it's going to have associate degree reaction element, with the body assaultive healthy tissue within the shoulder.
Age and sex
People forty and older area unit a lot of seemingly to expertise frozen shoulder. Most of the folks that develop the condition area unit, girls.
Causes of Frozen Shoulder:-
Frozen shoulder usually develops slowly, and in 3 stages. Every stage will last variety of months.
Freezing stage. Any movement of your shoulder causes pain, and your shoulder's vary of motion starts to become restricted.
Frozen stage. Pain might begin to diminish throughout this stage. However, your shoulder becomes stiffer, and mistreatment it becomes tougher.
Thawing stage. The vary of motion in your shoulder begins to boost. For a few folks, the pain worsens at the hours of darkness, generally disrupting sleep.
Symptoms of frozen shoulder
In frozen shoulder, the shoulder capsule thickens and becomes tight. Stiff bands of tissue (adhesions) develop. In several cases, there's less synovia within the joint.
The hallmark sign of this condition is being unable to maneuver your shoulder - either on your own or with the assistance of somebody else. Pain from frozen shoulder is typically uninteresting or aching. It’s usually worse early in the course of the illness and once you move your arm. The pain {is usually is typically is generally} placed over the outer shoulder space and sometimes the higher arm.
    • Onset: insidious.
    • Pain in shoulder, upper arm.
    • Severe aching pain.
    • Restricted shoulder movement.
    • The issue in routine activities, e.g. haircare hairs, carrying shirts.
Homeopathic Remedies:-
Homeopathic remedies area unit terribly effective for frozen shoulder and it provides a permanent cure. A number of the vital remedies area unit given below.
Ferrum Metallicum 30-- Ferrum auriferous is one in all the highest Homoeopathic medicines for frozen shoulder. There are a unit pain and stiffness in the shoulders besides swelling area unit predominant.  The patient complains that he's unable to boost his arms as he feels he has no power left for any movement. He may even have violent pain within the shoulder and muscles on either side of the shoulder may exhibit violent pain that travels on the arm. The patient feels boring or pinching pain.

Rhus dicot genus 30-Rhus tox is a superb remedy for the frozen shoulder with pain and stiffness in between shoulders. The patient feels that the pain is alleviated by moving or maybe once he lies on a tough platform however it gets worse once he sits. There’s stiffness within the base of the neck with pain that feels as if the skin is being torn. The forearm and arm of the patient even have pain and that they feel weak and paralytic. There’s nice stiffness that comes when resting and in the morning. 
Ruta Graveoles 30-Ruta grave lens is effective within the frozen shoulder attributable to sinew strain and sprains. The patient complains of pain in the neck that's alleviated by lying on the rear because it applies pressure. The patient feels that the pain is therefore violent as if his shoulder is obtaining torn. Or that the shoulder feels injured as if he has had associate degree injury. Once you stumble upon such symptoms, Ruta is often relied on to cure them. Ruta conjointly cures frozen shoulder when injury or when bruises. In some cases, folks complain of the frozen shoulder when associating degree injury or when bruises.
 Causticum – Causticum is prescribed once the pain, particularly within the left shoulder, happens with the symptom. Shrunk tendons with tearing within the shoulder joints and weakness. Higher by heat, particularly of bed.
Calcarea Phos 30-Calcarea phos is prescribed for the frozen shoulder once there a unit pains in shoulder and arm, with swelling of the affected half. There’s associate degree lesion pain particularly in roots of fingernails of the correct hand and within the finger.
Magnesium Carbonicum 30-Magnesium carb is another effective remedy for the frozen shoulder with tearing pain in shoulders as if injured. Right shoulder is a lot of affected, cannot raise it.

Syphillinnum 10M-Syphillinum is used as Associate in nursing undercurrent remedy.


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